Holy Family Academy envisions a renewing school community that:

- is Christ-centered
- develops human wholeness and
- upholds the common good.




1. Instructional Services such as reader’s guidance, user orientation program, hands-on demonstration.
2. Technical Services including selection, and ordering of materials, cataloging, binding, processing etc.
3. Loan of library materials 
• Circulation-Reserve collection 
• Filipiniana collection
• Special Collection 
• Instructional Media collection
• General Reference collection

4. Research Service
Research services are divided into two kinds:
a. Reference Service- this is providing answers to inquiries regarding bibliographical research and other research problems.
b. Reader’s Service- this are the advices or assistance given to a reader in locating a book.

5. Recreational Service- newspaper/periodicals are provided for recreational reading. 
6. Outreach Service- accessibility of the library for outsiders particularly the alumni as part of its community service.
7. Information and Referrals
8. Internet Service- the provision of the internet section helps the students in their research and abreasting themselves in the use of World Wide Web.


The identification card issued by the School is a permit to enter the library. Misrepresentation by using someone else’s ID card is a fraudulent act and shall be dealt with appropriate sanctions.

INSTRUCTIONAL MEDIA CENTER ID is needed in borrowing and returning the library materials. Lost library card can be replaced for a fee of Ps 50 (fifty pesos). Replacement is issued one month, after its reported loss. A lost library card will be replaced only three times (3x) until the end of the school year.



Internet Section Guidelines

1. The Internet Section is open from Monday to Friday, 8:00 am- 4:30 pm and on Saturday 8:00 am-12:00 pm. 
2. The Internet use is strictly for RESEARCH PURPOSES ONLY.
3. No Instructional Media Center I.D No Internet Use is strictly implemented.
4. To monitor the maximum use of the Internet, students are required to log-in and log-out. Those who are not logged-in are not allowed in the area. 
5. Users must log-out five (5) minutes before the time to avoid being late for one’s next class.
6. Accessing pornographic and online gambling sites is strictly prohibited.

Other prohibitions are :
a. No online games allowed, playing, accessing, and downloading of Demo/Trial/Shareware Games.
b. Online chatting (yahoo messenger, skype, chikka, etc.) creating, opening and sending of e-mail and Facebook account.

7. Use only multimedia CD’s from the Library. No other CD’s / CD – ROM discs may be used.
8. No documents should be saved in the Hard Disk (Drive C). All saved documents will automatically be deleted by the Library Assistant for internet at the end of the day.
9. Use only flash drive / USB in saving documents and files.
10. NO HANDS-ON and PRINTING of documents which were not sourced/taken from the Internet section.
11. Printing is allowed with the following printing fees:

P 2.00 per page (Black/Plain Text only)
P 3.00 per page (Long Black/Plain Text only)
P 5.00 per page (Colored Text only)
P 10.00 per page ( Quarter colored image)
P 15.00 per page (Half colored image)
P 20.00 per page (Whole colored image)


Audio-visual services provide support to instruction by making available non-print learning materials such as audiotapes and films.

1. Users of the Non-Print materials

1.1 The use of audio-visual equipment and facilities shall be restricted to the school personnel, faculty members and the students for educational activities.
1.2 The person/s applying for permit shall assume full responsibility for AV equipment used and other facilities in the AV room (chairs, tables, curtains, blackboard, etc.)

2. The use of Non-Print materials

2.1. Faculty members and other borrowers should see the head of the non-print section for reservation or borrowing.
2.2. The user of AV equipment should fill out the borrower’s form.
2.3. Students are not allowed to check out any AV equipment.
2.4. All materials borrowed from the AVC are the responsibility of the borrower and should return them immediately after use.
2.5. Any film to be viewed must be with the approval of the subject area coordinator.

3. The use of the Audio-Visual Room

3.1. Reservation for the use of the AVC is to be done three (3) days before the actual use of the room every month. No advance reservation for the following months will be entertained. A reservation is on “first come, first served basis”.
3.2. The subject teachers are expected to take charge of the supervision of the students. They may not leave the students unsupervised.
3.3. Students/ groups are held responsible for any damage and pay for the cost incurred of AV materials used during the activity.
3.4. Eating, drinking and chewing gums are strictly prohibited inside the AV room.

4. Cancellation/Postponement/Change of reservation for the Use of the AV room.

4.1. Cancellation of the reservation for the use of the AV room equipment should be done at least two (2) days before the scheduled activity.


The Card catalogue
The basic information link to all materials available in the library is the card catalogue. There are two kinds of library catalogues-the traditional card catalogue listed on a 3x5 card and the online public access catalogue (OPAC), an electronic listing. Both catalogues list books by author, title and subject.

Note: The kind of card catalog used is the dictionary catalog consisting of author, subject and title cards. All the cards are filed together in an alphabetical order according to the word or words on the first line of each card.

The Archives, an extension of the High School Library, occupies the former Guidance office of the Sto. Nino building. With the purpose of preserving the history of Holy Family Academy, the Archives is established to commemorate the 100th years of service of the institution to the Angelenos.

The Archives provides a glimpse of the rich past of the institution through the wide array of memorabilia it houses such as old pictures which highlights the transition of the High School Department and its past administrators and teachers, copies of Cor-unum (the school organ and yearbook) and old Audio-Visual materials and equipment as well.

This section can be visited upon request by the teacher concerned during weekdays and on Saturday from 8.00 to 12.00 noon. With the goal of preserving these memorabilia for the coming generations those materials are strictly for room use only.



Library and AVC
7:00am to 4:30 pm Weekdays
8:00am to 12:00 pm Saturday

8:00 am to 12:00pm; 1:00 am to 4:00 pm Weekdays
8:00 am to 12:00 pm Saturday

Grade School

Monthly Activities


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