Holy Family Academy envisions a renewing school community that:

- is Christ-centered
- develops human wholeness and
- upholds the common good.




The Grade School IMC provides various information resources that enhance reading skills among pupils to foster an independent reading and learning experience through the available materials and equipment which support the instruction in alignment of the curricular needs of the Grade School Department.


The Grade School IMC supports the Holy Family Academy by:

  • fulfilling the educational objectives of the school
  • providing  appropriate educational materials and services
  • motivating and stimulating the reading habits of the students
  • encouraging the faculty to participate in the selection and use of the library materials
  • gathering recommendations and suggestions for the improvement of the library
  • offering students and teachers a wide range of resources, special services and opportunities to attain the objectives of the school


The services of the IMC are directed to enable the members of the HFA community to:

  • develop among pupils and faculty the love for reading;
  • maximize the use of audiovisual or non-print materials in the teaching-learning process; and facilitate the acquisition of new and relevant library media resources for instructional integration

Grade School

Monthly Activities


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