Holy Family Academy envisions a renewing school community that:

- is Christ-centered
- develops human wholeness and
- upholds the common good.




Acquisition -    Receive recommendations from the faculty and from different Subject Area regarding books and non – print materials to be acquired.  Selects and inspects all library materials delivered for purchase.

Reference and Information Service
-    Reference and information services rendered by the librarians are guidance on the use of library materials, assistance in locating books, and answering reference queries.

Readers’ Advisory Service
-    A personal interview of patron to understand information need and then choose library materials needed.

Technical Service
-    Library personnel create and maintain the catalog and prepare materials for use in the Library.  The Library uses the Dewey Decimal System for subject classification and the descriptive cataloguing conforms to Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules (AACR2).  Cutter’s Three Figure Author Table is being used in determining the author number.
-    The personnel in-charge in this section is responsible for cataloguing materials in specific subject areas. Materials are received and process – assigning subject headings, classifying, preparing a sets of cards for all books and providing book pockets, book cards and date due slips before including the material in the active collection.

User Education
-    Library education provides library orientation and instruction to enable clients of the library to effectively utilize its resources and services.

Multimedia/Audiovisual Service
-    The accessibility of multisensory resources and other non-print materials that are included in various format and functions are made available for classroom instruction.



Hours of Service

Library Hours:
7:00 – 5:00 (Monday – Friday)
7:30 – 11:30 (Saturday)

AV Hours:
7:00 – 5:00 (Monday – Friday)
7:30 – 11:30 (Saturday)

Courtesy in the Library
Users and visitors are expected to:
✓      Observe silence at all times
✓      Avoid talking and discussing  aloud
✓      Read book/s silently
✓      Handle books and other  library materials borrowed with care
✓      Return books and chairs properly

Don'ts in the Library
▪    No eating
▪    No playing
▪    No Running
▪    No Littering

Borrowing Schedule
✓    Grade 2 – Monday and Wednesday
✓       Grade 3 – Tuesday and Thursday
✓       Grade 4 – Monday and Wednesday
✓       Grade 5 & 6 – Monday to Friday

Borrowing may also be done during  Recess, Lunch, and Dismissal time.

Entering the Library
Leave your things at the depository area outside the library and sign on the Daily Attendance Record.


-    Get a book and sign the library card, book card, and date due.
-    Go to your line at the Circulation Desk and give them to the Librarian and have it stamped.
-    Borrowers are required to return the books on the exact due date to avoid penalty.
-    Students are entitled to loan one book a day for a period of 3days for Home Reading books and Scholastic books.
-    No borrowing during Friday for Grade 2, 3, and 4 – only returning and also during Periodic Test.

-    Library materials may be renewed if they are not reserved for another user.

-    Say your surname when returning books and return the book on the shelf. Returning of borrowed books is during recess, lunch and dismissal time.   

-    An overdue item is one that is not returned by the due date. Failure to return the book on the due date will be fined P2.00 a day excluding Saturday, Sunday, and Holiday but if Saturday falls on a class day this will also be included on the computation. Long overdue books will be recalled by giving notice from the Library Head informing student/s with library penalty. Library privileged in borrowing books will resume upon settlement of  overdue payment.
Lost Card:
-    Lost library card cost P12.00 however a consideration for replacement is only up to 2nd time and no further reconsideration will be given due to negligence.

Damaged and/ or Lost Book:
-    If an item is lost, the library should be notified immediately.  Overdue fines continue to be assessed until notification is received. Replacement charges must be paid for each damaged or lost book.
-    If the patron found the book after being declared or reported lost and returns it, and if the book  is inacceptable condition, the patron will be required to pay only the accumulated overdue fine.




Grade School

Monthly Activities


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