Holy Family Academy envisions a renewing school community that:

- is Christ-centered
- develops human wholeness and
- upholds the common good.



Allow the school to help you further in your formation and growth as individuals by letting us know on how else HFA can improve its services.

Your evaluation of the teachers and school services can greatly benefit the school and the community in finding ways to strengthen the good practices and identify the areas which may still be improved.

Thank you for completing these evaluations responsibly


All these and more, to find different ways to CARE…


Evaluation Form Links


Assessment of Adviser

Student's Assessment Of Subject Teachers' Performance

       Grade 11 Assessment of Subject Teacher's Performance (Second Semester)

Grade 11 Assessment of Subject Teacher's Performance (First Semester)

Evaluation Of Maintenance And Security Services

Evaluation Of Science Laboratories

General Student Services Evaluation

Health Services And Health Personnel Evaluation

Students' Evaluation On Instructional Media Center

LINGAP Personnel's Student Evaluation

Student’s Feedback On The LINGAP Services

Student's Evaluation Of Facilities

Student's Evaluation Of The Canteen




Grade School

Monthly Activities


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