Holy Family Academy envisions a renewing school community that:

- is Christ-centered
- develops human wholeness and
- upholds the common good.


Admission Policy

Holy Family Academy welcomes for admission applicants who have the capacity and willingness to be formed and educated according to the school’s vision-mission. Applicants for admission will be accepted on the basis of the entrance test results, interview performance, grades, good moral character, and the availability of slots on a first-come-first -served basis.  The school reserves the right to drop from its rolls any student who repeatedly fails to conduct himself / herself according to the school’s policies and regulations.


New students / transferees are accepted for all grade and year levels. Boys from other schools are accepted.


Interested applicants may inquire on the first week of January.

Other Policies

HFA Grade Six students who seek admission to HFA High School must take a qualifying test. Admission to grade seven will be based on the achievement test and academic performance of the students after their second quarter grades.


Valedictorians and salutatorians from other schools are given full and half scholarships respectively in Grade 7 provided there are at least 100 students in their graduating class.  Holy Family Academy Grade 6 graduates who enroll in HFA High School are given tuition discounts according to their rank: with highest honors, with high honors, with honors for Grade 7.  For particulars, see the Grade School & High School Principals.


Admission Requirements

  • Age Requirement

Pre-School and Grade 1

Junior Kinder               -           3 yrs. old by June

Senior Kinder              -           4 yrs. old by June

Prep.                         -           5 yrs. old by June

Grade 1                      -           6 yrs. old by June

  • Requirements for Applicants in the different levels:


  1. original & photocopy of PSA (Philippine Statistics Authority) birth certificate with registry number
  2. original & photocopy of baptismal certificate with book & page number
  3. photocopy of immunization record (for PREP only)
  4. 3 pcs. 2x2 picture
  5. long brown envelope
  • Elementary and High School (Numbers 1-5 as above)
6.   photocopy of report card with no grade lower than 80% (for ELEMENTARY)
7.   photocopy of report card with no grade lower than 75% (for HIGH SCHOOL)
8.   HFA Recommendation Form duly signed by the Principal, Guidance Counselor or Class Adviser of the school of origin
  • Additional Requirements for Foreign Students / Aliens

9.   original & photocopy of Report Card

10. Complete scholastic records from previous grade levels

11. Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR)

12. Study permit

13. Health Records


Admission Procedure

  1. Present copy of grades / report card.
  2. Secure payment slip from the Registrar’s Office.
  3. Pay the application and testing fee at the Business Office.
  4. Secure application form from the Registrar’s Office.
  5. Submit all application requirements to the Registrar’s Office for processing and to get the applicant’s test schedule.
  6. Take the entrance test on scheduled date.
  7. Report for interview / oral exam on scheduled date.
  8. Wait for confirmation / result of the exam.  Come personally or send an authorized representative to claim result.
  9. The Office of the High School Principal issues permit to enroll as soon as the applicant qualifies in the exam. Those in the Pre-School and Grade School may obtain their permit to enroll during enrolment days.
  10. Present the permit to enroll and report card at scheduled enrollment date.

NOTE: Incomplete requirements will not be processed.  Credentials filed in support of the application will become the property of the Holy Family Academy and will not be returned to the applicant.




Schedule for advanced enrollment will be posted after the issuance of the report cards/Form 138.  Regular enrollment will be posted in front of HFA main.





Grade School

Monthly Activities


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