Holy Family Academy envisions a renewing school community that:

- is Christ-centered
- develops human wholeness and
- upholds the common good.



All clubs/co-curricular organizations stand in co-existence with the curricular program of the school whereby their sole purpose is to discover and develop the students' God-given talents and skills for the realization of their full personhood making each student ready to interact responsibly with others in the bigger society.

The following are the recognized organizations:


The Art Club seeks to develop among young students the correct attitude, skills, imaginative thinking and creative expressions of their ideas, to help them grow into effective and productive individuals.


The Benedictine Circle at Holy Family Academy was organized to promote the ideals of St. Benedict on the value of ORA ET LABORA. Students, who belong to this group aim to help, protect the interest of their fellow students in following the lifestyle and spirituality of our Patron Saint which was inspired by the Gospels Values. They commit themselves to help each other grow in love and service and to deepen their love for Prayer and Liturgy.


Book Lovers Club is organized to cater the students whose great interest is books. The club aims to encourage students to develop the habit of pursuing excellence through reading and proper handling of materials related to it. Moreover, the club aims to develop the members’ proficiency in the use of the library and its resources to enhance their positive self-concept and sense of responsibility.
Book Lovers Club is a club where members are hearten not only to read and take care of library resources, but also to develop a spirit of stewardship, so as to preserve and maintain the purposes of the library resources.
In lieu to this, the club devised activities and projects which enable the members to be more productive students of Holy Family Academy. Some of the club’s activities are, book reviews, book presentations, book making, exposure trips, and the major activity the club spearhead, the National Book Week. The club members are also to render services in the library as their main responsibility as member of the club.


Cor Unum is the official school publication of Holy Family Academy. It publishes school, community, and national news of interest to the students and to the whole academe. It features articles that foster values, entice critical and analytical thinking, endow the stakeholders, and touch issues of important concerns. It also includes stories both fiction and non-fiction to uphold significant human experiences.
The club altogether serves as an avenue for young journalists and contributors to pen meaningful and thoughtful ideas. It houses and trains fresh and budding writers to empower in them the love of writing, reading, researching, interacting, inquiring, and observing. It also promotes the consciousness in arts thus allowing creative expressions through illustrating and lay-outing. Artists therefore can communicate with their visual-spatial intelligence.
Cor Unum, therefore, is an instrument for genuine service, social awareness, wholesome entertainment, skill development, value formation, intelligence up growth, and responsible journalism.


Dance Club is a duly recognized organization of Holy Family Academy, High School Department. It aims to tap potential dancers and develop skills in choreographing.
The club offers wide variety of dances to be performed by each member, such as modern jazz, interpretative dance, popular dance, folk, hip-hop and ballroom dances.


The EARTH SAVER’S CLUB is an organization, which upholds and impresses the importance of the environment and which also promotes its welfare. Through different activities and campaigns, the Earth Saver’s Club helps people become aware of the environmental issues that we are facing nowadays. For the benefit of the members, the club offers activities, which let them further, explore nature and its different aspects without having the need to go beyond the campus. The aim of the Earth Saver’s Club is to remind the people of how essential it is to us and that is why we should, even in our own little ways, help preserve what’s left of it.


Fitness Club is designed to promote the optimum development of the Familians not only physically but also nutritionally. It is an extension of the Physical Education and Health subjects. It helps to achieve the major goal which is “Fitness”. The club aims to enhance the fitness level of the students through properly selected physical activities.
The members of the Fitness Club are challenged to perform all the strenuous activities designed by the moderator and other facilitators. In this club, the flexibility, muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance of the members are tested.
Health and Nutrition are also integrated in this club. Through film viewing and short talks about wellness and proper food selection, the members become nutritionally aware.



The Glee Club, a duly recognized organization of Holy Family Academy, High School Department, upholds the Philosophy, Mission- Vision of the school and of the organization. The group chorale aims to recognize each member’s God given talent in the hope of inspiring and leading the entire congregation through songs of praises. The group also aspires to display singing talents in school activities and presentations.



Homemaker’s Club is an organization with more than one hundred members committed to learn manipulative skills through different and carefully chosen club activities. The club aims to teach its’ members different household chores that can help them in the future. The club helps its members enhance their cooking and baking abilities. The club organizes different cooking and baking activities to maximize the meetings that can help develop not only their cooking ability but also some values within them.



Information Technology Club, formally known as I.T. Club, opens the minds of young Familians to the broad world of technology and is a place where young students show their God given talents in technology.



The club is designed to render liturgical and recreational music for the school activities. The club aims to provide lessons, fun and relaxation that enable each member to enhance their talents as well as their skills in playing any musical instruments.
The club will also represent Holy Family Academy in every competition that each member will be joining.



The Interact Club is a Rotary club- sponsored organization of young people whose purpose is to provide opportunity for them to work together in a world fellowship dedicated to service and international understanding.


The Kapwa Club aims to endeavor to become a partner in the attainment of educational, civic co-curricular activities of the High School Department. It aims to deepen and widen the students’ awareness regarding the situation of the people around them through sharing of experience and evaluation. It also aims to develop initiative, compassion and values of doing charitable works in school, at home and in the community.



The Math Club gathers especially inclined Mathematics to facilitate interactive activities that promote logical, analytical, and critical thinking in them. The practical activities offered in the club advance friendship among the members leading them to express themselves sincerely and truthfully thus enhancing other macro skills. The Math Club, furthermore, develops students’ love for Mathematics done through meaningful activities with versatility and objectivity towards upright decision making in as simple as number games and as complicated as life situations.



It is a fact that youth often seek out their peers when they are experiencing some frustrations, worry or concern. Children and adolescents want to help each other, yet they often do not know how or what to do. Young people appreciate developing skills that enable them to feel more competent in handling their relationships and supporting their friends and peers. In sincere desire to be available to other students who might need help, this is made possible… PEERS ON LINE.
Peers- on- Line serves to provide assistance and support to students who go through difficult and stressful situations through an atmosphere of friendship, genuineness, understanding and empathy.




The Social Science Club is a duly recognized organization of Holy Family Academy, High School Department. It aims to broaden the member’s perspective on local, national and global issues and to appreciate the cultural heritage legacies of our ancestors.



The Speakers Guild is an organization which aims to help its members demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the process involved in the human communication and factors which may affect them; demonstrate the ability to evaluate and criticize speech content and delivery; demonstrate the ability to organize script and to host; and demonstrate more confidence in public speaking situations.
The Speakers Guild also aims to help its members become familiar with the sounds of English and the various modes of speech including interpretation of dramatic literature, creative story telling, poetry interpretation, oratory, and impromptu.
In general, this organization helps members become better communicators. It seeks to help students become better speakers and critics of public communication.




The club is designed for informal and recreational play. The environment is open for non competitive players of all levels. Beginners are more than welcome to participate.
The club aims to provide exercise, fun and relaxation and enables students to display their sportsmanship as well as their abilities in acing the sport.
The club will also represent Holy Family Academy in every tournament that each member will be joining.


The Theatre Club is an organization that aims to uphold confidence among members by developing and improving the different skills needed in theatre that may involve acting, production designing, costume making and directing as well as scriptwriting.


Ang USAF ay naglalayong mapagtimbang ang mga kaalaman at pandama sa larangan ng pampisikal, pandamdamin, pangmoral at pang-ispiritwal tungo sa kabuuan ng isang nilikha o pagkatao bilang Kristiyanong mamamyang Pilipino


The Young Entrepreneurs’ Club is an organization that envisions assisting its members to become business minded and be able to contribute in the production that would affect the economy of our country in a constructive way.
This club is a training ground for students to engage in business as young as they are. Students are trained to put up their own business and with that, essential skills in entrepreneurship will be realized which are useful for future connections in business undertakings.
Actual activities or applications for that matter will be experienced to the members and with that, characteristics of a good entrepreneur will be realized and put into practice as they depart from their alma mater.


The YOUNG SCIENTISTS’ CLUB is an organization, which develops scientific knowledge. Through different activities, the Young Scientists’ Club helps students become aware of the recent and significant discoveries in Science and Technology. For the benefit of the members, the club offers activities that will develop their knowledge in Science.


The Student Council is the representative body of the secondary students of Holy Family Academy. Before the end of each school year, the officers of the Student Council and the Year Level Representatives (except for the incoming year I) for the coming school year are elected at large by the student body.

Composition of the Student Council
a) SC officers
b) Class Officers.
c) Club Officers

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