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To be a Familian means to happily belong to the Benedictine family with a rich heritage. Such heritage should be passed on to those who will follow you.


  • The Benedictine Motto
    PRAYER and WORK / “ORA ET LABORA” - this motto will bring the students and the alumni to an awareness of their role as Christian and of their talents as persons.


  • The School Seal
    The school seal known as Benedictine Peace represents the Christian education the students are to achieve. Like Christ, the Familian is a lover of peace.


  • The Familian Spirit
    A Familian is a lover of Christ. He sees Christ in himself and in others.
    The Familian spirit is echoed in the Benedictine Slogan, “That in All Things God May be Glorified,”


  • The Filipino Spirit
    The Familian is taught to be proud of being a Filipino. He is taught to love his native language and to appreciate his personal and social responsibilities towards the needs of his country and his fellowmen.
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