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  • To provide an avenue for graduates of the Holy Family Academy to fellowship and acquaintanceship;
  • To engage, promote and support programs and activities that will enhance the ideals and goals of Holy Family Academy;
  • To initiate and undertake projects that will benefit the welfare of the students;
  • To fund scholarships, researches and other academic pursuits;
  • To assist in youth and sports development;
  • To help in the marketing of Holy Family Academy by inviting and encouraging Familian parents to send their children to Holy Family Academy to study;
  • To solicit or raise funds to meet the financial requirements of the Association as may be necessary to accomplish its purposes;
  • To acquire by onerous or gratuitous title, use possess, dispose of real and personal property, and devote its income, profits and fruits to accomplish the purposes of the Association;
  • To obtain, receive gifts and deposits of money, to issue notes, to acquire, possess and hold titles to, real, personal and fixed estates, either in trust, or otherwise, by gifts, bequest, devise or purchase.
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